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Storage ideas for your workshop or garage

Workshop Storage!

Shop storage! Way back in March of 2014 I posted a video on YouTube detailing a way I came up with to organize things stored in bins in your workshop or garage. Storage of items is always a tricky thing. Usually if something goes in a box or bin for “storage”, it’s lost forever and takes hours to find again unless properly labeled. I came up with a good organization method using Evernote on my phone to catalog everything in my storage bins! Since then it’s gotten over 21,000 views! Looks like lots of people are looking for ways to organize their stuff! I’m a bit OCD, so I actually enjoy organizing & coming up with efficient ways of doing things.

In one of the comments on the video, someone mentioned they’d like to see how I organize my tools. I thought “I just have them on a peg board like everyone else, but then I saw this great video “Shop storage schemes – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 6/30.2015”

 Adam savage is kind of my hero.

He’s had years and years to figure out a system that works, & since we are like-minded, I’m sure it will be very inspiring for whatever I come up with! They said in the video that they’ll post another video showing the stacks and cabinets they’re talking about, & I can’t wait! I just realized this weekend while hanging new lights in my shop what a pain in the butt it is to have to walk to the other side of the shop just to get a tool! This will be a future project for me, so in the meantime I have some plans to draw, and tools to look at! I’ll have a detailed follow up to this when I start the process.
Stay tuned!