Reset! My trip to Boston and New York

Vacations, we all love them, but usually for different reasons. For me, it’s always an opportunity to run around and take pictures, eat & drink, & generally do more in a day than I ever do at home! This trip was no exception. We started the trip in Boston for a couple days, with our primary objective being going to see the Boston Pops! It was supposed to be an evening with John Williams and the Boston Pops, but he was out due to a back injury, so Richard Kaufman stood in. The show was amazing, and gave me a new appreciation for symphonies, and just the orchestral setting in general. Hearing each instrument was awesome. I would definitely do it again!

Boston Pops


at the Boston pops!

We also did a brewery tour with City Brew Tours, where we got to go on a guided tour of four different brewery’s in the Boston area. Much fun was had! Our guide Liam was a blast. He knew his shit and was funny to boot! If you’re ever in the area & looking for something to do, I highly recommend it!

We also sat on a big green wall…

Fenway park

Sitting on the Green Monsta!


After our fun in Boston, we took the train to Manhattan, where we would be spending a week, and meeting up with some friends…

New York City… I love going to Manhattan! There’s just so much energy there, so much going on…

Every day I got some photo fun in, trying out some new equipment I got from B&H photo (one of my favorite stores), & getting some cool shots…

One day my lovely wife got photographed by the superstar-photographer, inspiration, & good friend Steve Prue, and I met them at Tattoo artist Megan Massacre’s shop Grit n’ Glory which was a cool combination of clothing type store in the front and tattoo shop in the back. Everyone was very friendly, & Megan’s an awesome tattoo artist (cute too!) .

Our buddy Matt from Airitech Creations and his wife met us up there and stayed the week also. Matt & I went to a 2-day conference/workshop for prop builders and sculptors called ConStruct. It was held at The Compleat Sculptor, which is a cool store with a super-knowledgable staff for all your sculpting needs. I met Bill Doran from Punished Props, and talked about geeky prop stuff, Took a weathering class from Will Morgan from WM Armory,

Painted prop

Prop I painted

& also got to talk to some great people from Poly-tek, the company who makes all of the molding and plastic products I use when making props! I took some classes, learned some things, & had a great time.







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