Music for creativity

Music for creativity!

I don’t know about the rest of the humans on earth, but I for one really need (not want, need) music whenever I’m creating. Whether I’m drawing a tattoo, building a prop, doing a photo shoot, I need a soundtrack! I feel as though it helps me concentrate. I like different types of music for different things; If I’m drawing biomechanical themed tattoos, I listen to Industrial music like Frontline Assembly. If I’m drawing something mendi-inspired, It’s some type of Indian sounding world music. Japanese piece? Maybe the score from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. I love scores & instrumentals because sometimes I find vocals distracting. Just having some soothing music playing in the background can totally affect how something turns out for me. If I’m working on props at the studio I’m usually listening to the remainder of my now-extinct CD collection (remember CDs?), mostly metal.

Where do you get your music?

I used to have a huge CD collection, which gave way to my iPod, but now I have a Spotify subscription, so I’ve made a lot of different playlists, one for my every mood and need! One cool thing about Spotify, is people can subscribe to your playlists if you choose to make them public. I have several, from “Tattoo shop” to “Drawing music“, and “Perfect albums“, among others. I’d probably lose my mind if I didn’t have music, so I’m damn glad I have it! I’ve provided links to some of my playlists, so if you’re interested (& on Spotify), check ’em out! Are you in a similar situation? Gotta have some tunes playing to get inspired? Share with the world! Let me know if you have any suggestions for some music I should check out, & what it does for you!!