How to prep for your first tattoo

How to prep for your first tattoo… I just go pick one and get it right??. Nope. I mean you could, if you want some basic shit that a thousand other people have. Probably not a good idea. Even if you’re getting something simple, you should still do your homework. Check my previous post about finding the right tattoo artist! Once you’ve done that, be prepared to go meet with them, have a consultation, leave a deposit, and set up an appointment. Now you wait!

A good artist will most likely be booked out anywhere from a couple weeks to months or even years! Don’t bug them about seeing your drawing weeks ahead of time, because obviously, they are busy. Have any reference images you have collected with you to give to the artist, and make sure you tell the artist all of the things you want included BEFORE they draw your design. If you try to add stuff to the design the day of your appointment, you’ll most likely have to wait or even be rescheduled. I usually draw the tattoos I’m doing the same day as the appointment. Also don’t micro manage! You’ve decided to use this particular artist because you like their style and what they do. Let them have fun with it and have a vision!

Your appointment is tomorrow! Should you do anything to prepare? Hell yes! First things first, get a good night’s sleep, and don’t go out partying. Getting tattooed with a wicked hangover is awful, and significantly decreases your tolerance for pain.

Tattoo day! It’s time! Now you’re getting nervous because all of your friends have been telling you how much it’s going to hurt. They’re probably right, so it’s time to be a grown up and get your head in the game. Grab a good meal before you go in, because you may be sitting there for hours. Also bring some snacks to keep your sugar levels up. Trust me, it helps.

Think about the placement of your new tattoo. If it’s going to be on your back, you’ll have to take your shirt off. A lot of people aren’t comfortable with that, so if you’re one of those people, bring a zip-up hoodie, or button up shirt that you can put on backwards to hide your round bits! If you’ll be laying down, maybe bring a small pillow, & maybe even a beach towel or small blanket (or snuggie!) if you get cold easily.

One very important thing to remember is to shower before you come in! You’d be surprised how many people come in with stinky feet or pits! We don’t want to smell you. If you want to bring a friend, that’s usually fine, but don’t bring a bunch of people. Most shops don’t have room for a bunch of extra bodies hanging around looking bored!

Last but not least are my two rules; don’t move and don’t hold your breath!!! (don’t want you passing out!)

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