Dragon Con

Dragon Con wrap-up

After thoughts:

It’s the Tuesday after Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA, & it’s time for the long drive home to South Florida. Having spent the morning reflecting on the con over breakfast, I have to say it was an overall success, and a great time. The lineup of our crew was different this year, but I think that’s the great thing about having great friends. The dynamic is still there, just with new variables. My friend Matt & I stayed at the Hyatt Regency for the second year in a row (& Some of us will be there again next year), and it was a great stay. The staff was very friendly and helpful, & the hotel was just great. We stayed on the 3rd floor, so we mostly used the stairs (every day is leg day at Dragon Con!), waiting for an elevator at a Con is always ridiculous. We had a couple different costumes each (Star Wars & Mad Max), & our whole group did a Mad Max theme for several nights, which was a big hit. Our friends from WolfeFX were staying nearby too, so we were all close. Good times!

Dragon Con Hotels:

This year, Con attendance was at an all time high, & there were some amazing costumes to be seen! It’s very inspiring to see all the work and creativity people put into their costumes. Check out this gallery of pics I took! There’s a lot of things going on at the con, panels, contests, gaming, celebrities, vendors, etc, but we go for the costuming and good times. This time of year everyone in our group needs a weekend to cut loose and forget about the real world! I noticed this year there were a lot of new people at the con, as well as the seasoned pros. All in all it seemed like everyone got along (for the most part) and were all there to enjoy the experience. The Marriott was the main host hotel for Dragon Con, where most of the party action was happening, & it was kind of a shit show on Saturday night, when the place was packed, & it seemed like the A/C was barely on. Everyone was commenting on how hot it was. Bogus!! All in all it was a great Con though, and we can’t wait to do it all again next year!

My buddy Matt at Airitech Creations made this awesome video to show a little glimpse of the magic that is Dragon Con! Check it out and like!!!