table-top tool caddy

DIY tool caddy made from 2-liter bottle crates!

I just posted a video on my YouTube channel of a quick little project I did today. I found some 2-liter bottle crates on the ground behind the building I work in, & thought they might be useful for something, so I took them to my shop where they sat awaiting purpose. Many months later, I found myself looking at a table full of the aftermath of a project, with razor blades, tape, sharpies, & all kinds of other tools strewn about all over the place! I needed a solution, so I looked around, and saw the crates. Ten minutes later, I had a super-awesome table-top tool caddy! I looked around for some round containers to put stuff in, & wound up with a mixing cup, the top off of a quart of Bondo, & a plastic container that Parmesan cheese came in! They all fit perfectly into the spots the 2-liter bottles would go in, & are great for keeping things separated, and to prevent things from falling through the holes. Some of the smaller holes in the crate were perfect for things like glue sticks, scissors, razor knife, etc… I guess that’s called up-cycling??