biomech leg tattoo

What are Biomech or Biomechanical tattoos?

Biomech tattoos – What are they?

  I suppose it depends on who you ask, but most artists will agree Biomech started with the Swiss surrealist painter H.R. Giger. He’s most famous for designing the alien from the Ridley Scott movie “Alien“.  Giger not only designed the alien, but some of the sets too. By mixing organic and industrial elements, he created a sort of organic/mechanical fusion which has been elaborated on through tattoos.Due to the free-form, flowing nature of the style, it’s perfectly suited for placement on the human body. It can very easily be drawn to compliment the contours of the muscles.

  Some notable leaders in the biomech tattoo movement are Guy Aitchison, and Aaron Cain, who first made it popular. Cain, now a tattoo machine builder, infuses his biomech style into his machine frames by hand-carving the designs into metal. Others who have transitioned the style from tattooing to sculpture are Jerzy Konrad and more recently Shaine Smith. I’ll be trying my hand at some biomech sculpting this year too!

“Biomech” is short for “Biomechanical”

Mechanical organics is a good description, since biomech designs in tattooing usually consist of mechanical like components and repeating patterns flowing in an organic way, much like plants or bones. These designs can be more mechanical than biological, or the other way around. Here’s some examples of biomechanical tattoos I’ve done… Biomech Tattoo Gallery

These type of tattoos are generally considered to be sci-fi, but the style can also be worked into other styles, such as ornate framework, nature elements, etc…