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Nova photo shoot

Nova photo shoot- I had the opportunity recently to do a quick shoot of my friend Hutch’s bad-ass supercharged Chevy Nova. This thing’s a beast, and has a very special story behind it. Definitely a family affair. I used the light-painting technique that I like so much, to light every curve and edge separately, and […]

South Florida Tattoo Expo!

I’ll be at the South Florida Tattoo Expo this weekend, So if you’re in South Florida, stop by and say Hi and get a sweet new tattoo!!! As of now I still have some time available on Friday. I you want to schedule some time, give me a call at the shop… 561-585-4741

DIY tool caddy made from 2-liter bottle crates!

I just posted a video on my YouTube channel of a quick little project I did today. I found some 2-liter bottle crates on the ground behind the building I work in, & thought they might be useful for something, so I took them to my shop where they sat awaiting purpose. Many months later, […]

Victory motorcycle shoot

Victory motorcycle shoot- Victory Motorcycles makes some awesome bikes, but this one rebuilt and modified by Conquest Customs in Boca Raton, Florida, is really Bad-ass! The theme of the bike is based off of the Ford GT Gulf Livery race car, with it’s iconic colors. Check out the history here! I recently had the opportunity […]

Storage ideas for your workshop or garage

Workshop Storage! Shop storage! Way back in March of 2014 I posted a video on YouTube detailing a way I came up with to organize things stored in bins in your workshop or garage. Storage of items is always a tricky thing. Usually if something goes in a box or bin for “storage”, it’s lost […]

How to prep for your first tattoo

How to prep for your first tattoo… I just go pick one and get it right??. Nope. I mean you could, if you want some basic shit that a thousand other people have. Probably not a good idea. Even if you’re getting something simple, you should still do your homework. Check my previous post about […]

What are Biomech or Biomechanical tattoos?

Biomech tattoos – What are they?   I suppose it depends on who you ask, but most artists will agree Biomech started with the Swiss surrealist painter H.R. Giger. He’s most famous for designing the alien from the Ridley Scott movie “Alien“.  Giger not only designed the alien, but some of the sets too. By […]

Reset! My trip to Boston and New York

Vacations, we all love them, but usually for different reasons. For me, it’s always an opportunity to run around and take pictures, eat & drink, & generally do more in a day than I ever do at home! This trip was no exception. We started the trip in Boston for a couple days, with our […]

A new outlook

 What is this blog? I’d say it’s an insight into the mind and personal thoughts of a tattoo maker. Maker? Yes, maker. I make things. tattoos, photos, props, you name it. I make tattoos and I love my job. Every day is a new challenge, a new conquest, and a new story. Enjoy the chaos!