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New shoot!

I just finished up a shoot with my new friend Alle! The shoot went super-smooth, & she wound up soaking wet! She was a good sport, and down for any crazy idea I had so the pics came out great! Check out the gallery!


Last night I had the opportunity to go and explore West Palm Beach a little bit and take some pictures with my friend Chris. There’s been a new trend in the photography community of people using these colored smoke bombs to add visual interest to your pictures, so Chris picked some up, and we went […]

I’m back. I’m me again. Time to make some awesome.

A year ago my life fell apart. My 13 year relationship ended. I lost my best friend, my partner, my muse, the one thing in this world I actually adored. It hurt so bad. My every waking thought was consumed with memories, thoughts of betrayal, and sadness. I cried. I yelled at nothing. I had panic […]

Music for creativity

Music for creativity! I don’t know about the rest of the humans on earth, but I for one really need (not want, need) music whenever I’m creating. Whether I’m drawing a tattoo, building a prop, doing a photo shoot, I need a soundtrack! I feel as though it helps me concentrate. I like different types […]

Dragon Con wrap-up

After thoughts: It’s the Tuesday after Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA, & it’s time for the long drive home to South Florida. Having spent the morning reflecting on the con over breakfast, I have to say it was an overall success, and a great time. The lineup of our crew was different this year, but […]

Nova photo shoot

Nova photo shoot- I had the opportunity recently to do a quick shoot of my friend Hutch’s bad-ass supercharged Chevy Nova. This thing’s a beast, and has a very special story behind it. Definitely a family affair. I used the light-painting technique that I like so much, to light every curve and edge separately, and […]

South Florida Tattoo Expo!

I’ll be at the South Florida Tattoo Expo this weekend, So if you’re in South Florida, stop by and say Hi and get a sweet new tattoo!!! As of now I still have some time available on Friday. I you want to schedule some time, give me a call at the shop… 561-585-4741

DIY tool caddy made from 2-liter bottle crates!

I just posted a video on my YouTube channel of a quick little project I did today. I found some 2-liter bottle crates on the ground behind the building I work in, & thought they might be useful for something, so I took them to my shop where they sat awaiting purpose. Many months later, […]