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Tattoo Convention

This weekend (Aug. 11-13) I’ll be attending the South Florida Tattoo Expo! This is my yearly tattoo convention that’s fairly close to home. It’s a great way to get exposed to some new people and also see some old friends! If you’re in the area come check it out and say hi!

Time for change…

It’s an interesting time… Having moved the tattoo studio to a new location has exposed us to a different demographic of clients. I still have my loyal clients who get what they get, but these new people seem a bit different. They don’t want a big piece that’s going to take a long time & […]

New shoot!

I just finished up a shoot with my new friend Alle! The shoot went super-smooth, & she wound up soaking wet! She was a good sport, and down for any crazy idea I had so the pics came out great! Check out the gallery!


Last night I had the opportunity to go and explore West Palm Beach a little bit and take some pictures with my friend Chris. There’s been a new trend in the photography community of people using these colored smoke bombs to add visual interest to your pictures, so Chris picked some up, and we went […]

I’m back. I’m me again. Time to make some awesome.

A year ago my life fell apart. My 13 year relationship ended. I lost my best friend, my partner, my muse, the one thing in this world I actually adored. It hurt so bad. My every waking thought was consumed with memories, thoughts of betrayal, and sadness. I cried. I yelled at nothing. I had panic […]

Music for creativity

Music for creativity! I don’t know about the rest of the humans on earth, but I for one really need (not want, need) music whenever I’m creating. Whether I’m drawing a tattoo, building a prop, doing a photo shoot, I need a soundtrack! I feel as though it helps me concentrate. I like different types […]

Dragon Con wrap-up

After thoughts: It’s the Tuesday after Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA, & it’s time for the long drive home to South Florida. Having spent the morning reflecting on the con over breakfast, I have to say it was an overall success, and a great time. The lineup of our crew was different this year, but […]