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Welcome to the home page of Visual Vortex, the art of Scott White!

Scott White the tattoo artist…

Making a living as an award winning custom tattoo artist, Scott creates one of a kind works of art in skin daily. “I started tattooing in 1997 at Altered State Tattoo, & I’ve been there ever since. I’ve dedicated my time there to creating custom tattoos every day.” Says Scott. “People are unique, so I feel their tattoos should be too. Every tattoo I do is custom, & I don’t do anything twice. If I draw it for you, it’s for you only!” Scott specializes in the biomechanical tattoos and dot work styles.

Scott White the photographer…

His quest for artistic expression doesn’t stop there though. He spends the rest of his time obsessed with photography,  having traveled the world exploring sites of ancient civilizations, modern wonders, & everything in between. When asked where his favorite places he’s been are, Scott replied ” My two favorite places I’ve been outside of the U.S. have to be Japan & Ireland! I felt very familiar with both, & really connected with them.” The portrait photography he does often defies description, representing ideals that come from the dark recesses of Sci-fi & horror, mixed with sensuality.

It doesn’t stop there!

Always on a quest for creative expression, Scott also spends time making movie-quality props and costumes in his purpose-built work shop dubbed “Double V Studios“, which is his home away from home. “It’s definitely my man-cave, & has all of the tools I need to make some really cool stuff!” says Scott. A custom prop can take anywhere from a weekend to months to build, it just depends on the level of detail. He takes on commissions to create one-of a kind props, so if you’d like something made, you can contact him through this site!

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